What is FM Method?

FM Method is the most scientific and creative way of teaching English, exclusively to the Bengali knowing people, innovated by a Bangladeshi Principal Mohammed Feroz Mukul through his long untiring research since 1986. FM Method is the latest, improvised, most innovative, easiest and fruitful system of learning Spoken English. FM Method is the name of the movement for creating intelligent human resources. 

Principal Mukul discovered that the Bengali sentences generally end either in 
i) non-verb-words or 
ii) verb-words or
iii) verb-words followed by a word of state-of-being. 

That is why in FM Method, the entire Bengali language has been divided into three groups depending on the last word of the sentences. To turn each type of Bengali sentence into English Mr. Mukul has designed a lesson of formulas. Each formula contains, at the end of it, a symbolic device- 
i. ( ) a parentheses type known as CLOSED KEY and 
ii. ‘__’ a hyphen type known as FLAT KEY and 
iii. ∆ a triangular type known as INSERT KEY 

wherein the last word of the Bengali sentence is put. The last verb-word of the sentence is put into the ‘closed key’ and the last non-verb word into the ‘flat key’ of the lessons. In other words, as Principal Mukul says, the Bengali sentences have three destinations. As different transports are used for carrying the passengers to different destinations, similarly three different lessons of FM Method are used to convert (take) the Bengali sentences into English (to their destinations). In his words, converting Bengali into English is like carrying a passenger from one place to another, (from Bengali to English) where a vehicle is needed, but to say about grammar (the law enforcing agency of the English Language) is totally unbecoming and unwelcoming.
In FM Method, both the English and the Bengali languages have been classified into five Sections or Levels, namely level-1, level-2, level-3, level-4, and level-5. To convert the Bengali Sentences of every Section or Level, a particular lesson has been designed. Each level has 3 groups depending on the last word of the Bengali Language. A sentence of level-1 can be applied to six situations, whereas a sentence of level-2 can be applied to seven situations. The sentences of other levels can be applied to many more situations. 

For example, from a single sentence, of Level-1, of Lesson-2A of FM Method, like পাটের উৎপাদন দ্বিগুণ বৃদ্ধি করা সম্ভব। may creatively be formed as many as 66 sentences to make a comprehensive discourse in English, instead of the only one sentence that can be made by the grammar-based system. From a single sentence of Level-2, of Lesson-2B of FM Method, may creatively be formed as many as 78 sentences to make a comprehensive discourse in English. A single sentence of other Levels of other lessons may be applied to FM Method to form many more sentences both in Bengali and English. Hence, it helps the students develop their caliber and make them meritorious. 

Though FM Method was devised mostly for the Bengali speaking people, it can be useful for the people of other languages as well. 
FM Method is an Operating System for learning English.
Software = our thinking 
Computer Program = FM Method 
Working File = Lessons of FM Method 
Key Board = Closed Key, Flat Key 
Data = Bengali Sentence 
Command = Formula 
Instruction = Last word of the Bengali Sentence 
Output = our lips