FM Sir এর ফ্রি Orientation Class জীবনে একবার হলেও করে দেখুন

A free orientation class on FM Method is conducted by honourable FM sir on every Friday at FM Tower, 1/1/A, East Razabazar, Farmgate, Dhaka-1215, in the head office auditorium of FM English Language Teaching Research Institute ( FM Institute) at 9.30a.m. call: 01730050200 

You will be delighted to enjoy when a new horizon dawns before your eyes: 

i) Reasons behind the failure of our students in learning English will be explored.
ii) Million Dollar Competition will be held.
iii) Everyone will be made able to speak in English through a Workshop of one and a half hours.
iv) Govt. sponsored English Teaching System will be proven to be wrong, unscientific, back-dated as that of the eighteenth century, whereas FM Method is almost 300 years ahead of that.
v) You will be convinced to believe that, FM Method starts from where English Grammar ends.