Comparative Study


A Comparative Study of FM Method and the Traditional English Teaching System
We must remember that every language has three premises:- 
i) Language – which is for the common people 
ii) Grammar – which is for the specialists and 
iii) Literature – which is for the talented ones. 
Everybody shouldn’t be tried to be made specialist or talented.

FM Method Traditional System
1. FM Method is scientific, creative, easier, most modern and is based on methodology. 1. Traditional English Teaching System is unscientific, ineffective, difficult, back-dated, and is not systematic.
2. English is taught by the Formulas of FM Method where grammar is built-in or embedded. So learning grammar is not a compulsion. 2. English is taught through grammar. For learning the smallest sentence like ‘He goes' students have to learn 33 grammatical items – which is absurd and unrealistic.
3. Follows the divine norms of language learning. The divine norm is- a language is learnt before learning the grammar of it. Hence it is quite a natural and divine system. 3. Drastically violates the divine norms by teaching grammar before the language. Hence creativity is overpowered by memorizing the rules. So students' latent talent is crippled.
4. Translation of Bengali into English totally depends on the last word of it, and not on Tense. (It is the finding of Mr. Mukul's 30 years of research) 4. Translating Bengali into English through ‘Tense' is a wrong and an unscientific way. Such a compulsory English teaching upto graduation level leads to a total wastage of money, energy and time of the nation.
5. The last word of the Bengali Sentence (also called, in FM Method, the ‘destination' of it) guides a learner which Formula to use to translate it into (reach) English. So Learning English becomes as easy as anything. 5. There lies no such guideline in learning Tense, Grammar and Structure etc. So the ‘gift of divinity' – ‘the ability to learn a language' becomes as difficult as anything for our English learners.
6. Students feel it as easy and interesting as making a journey from Bengali to English and wandering in it, meaning they can easily use English in different situations. There is nothing like memorizing tense, grammar etc. 6. Students feel that they learn English through utmost difficulties by memorizing the rules of grammar – the way which must be unrealistic and impractical even for the native language learners.
7. Based on the spirit of the Language Movement. Hence FM Method is imbued with the patriotic feelings and develops a sense of independence among the learners. 7. Nothing of this sort is encouraged. Hence an attitude of dependency is developed.